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Dynotag Smart Pet Tag Review

review of the gps enabled dynotags pet tags
Product Name: Dynotag Pet Tags
Shipment: Worldwide
Summary: Dynotag is a fancy QR & NFC enabled pet tag that instrantly alarms you when somebody finds your dog or cat
My Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5/5)
Where to Buy: Best price on Amazon

My Review
A few months ago I bought two Dynotags for my beloved pets, a German shepherd and a cat. It's not like I really needed them or something but when I saw this product on youtube I was like.. God, I need to buy one!

I just loved the idea of someone scanning my dog's tag and me getting an instant email with the location of my dog! FYI, there are many variants of the DynoTag, I got the one that is only QR enabled. There is also this version that supports NFC too.

So, here are my thoughts about this little gadget:

What I Liked
  • Quality/Durability: The tags are made of steel and appear and feel very durable. My pets wear them almost 4 months now and they look as good as new. Both my pets are fairly active, although not the "crazy" type of active.
  • Easy to use: The tag is very easy to set up and works exactly as it is supposed to. I have scanned it with my phone numerous times and the page with all the information pops right up every time. The page is very easy to update if you change address, telephone number or decide to add something new.
  • Silent: They are much quieter than other metal tags I had in the past
  • Fast Alerts: Anytime the QR is scanned you almost instantly receive an email telling you that someone has viewed the tag and you also get the location where the scanning occurred.

labrador wearing a green dyno pet tag
Dog wearing a dynotag
(Not Mine)

What I didn't like
  • Design: Regrettably, the NFC enabled tag is bulkier and not as cute as the one that only has GPS enabled. I think this is because of the antenna inside the tag. This is the main reason I decided to buy the QR-only version. I wish the company made a cute NFC version too :(

Where to buy
To my knowledge, the cheapest place to get Dynotags is Amazon. Click here to see all the different designs and to view prices. 

So this is pretty much my review of the dynotag pet tags. Yeah, I know it's short but I can't think of something else to say!. If you want to ask me something just leave a comment!

I have included some more information down below about dynotags and how they work in case you want to know more before buying one.

What is Dynotag and how does it work?
Dynotag is a fancy pet tag for dogs, cats and other pets that can you give some extra peace of mind if you are too worried of losing your little buddy. Each tag features a QR (Quick Response) barcode that is displayed on the tag. You can add as much information as you like including a contact number, pet name, address, vaccination information etc. This is their main advantage to engraved dog tags which only have a very limited space for vital information  If someone happens to scan the QR or uses the NFC he will view all that stored information and you will be notified about your pet's location.

How to set it up?
You first have to register the tag on the company's website. You can add pretty much everything you can come up with including:
  • Pet name
  • Medical Histyry (vaccines, serious conditions that need special care, injuries etc) 
  • Your vet’s contact details 
  • Favourite food (of your pet, not you!) 
  • Rewards for returning your pet

Once you are finished with the information the tag is activated and is ready for use. Just attach it to your dog, cat or whatever and that's it!

Pros And Cons
Here is a list of what I think are the main advantages of Dynotags:
  • Relatively cheap
  • Good build quality
  • No subscription fees
  • You can add as much information about your pet as you like and you can update it as many times as you want
  • Automatic email notification when the tag gets scanned

As for disadvantages I can't really come up with something. The device works exactly as described. Still, here are a few things you might want to keep in mind:
  • This is a passive GPS pet tracker. This means that it can't be used to track your pet on demand. You only get to know where your pet was when the tag was last scanned! 
  • Obviously, the QR Code requires a suitable device to be scanned. Most modern mobile phones are capable of this
  • GPS Location data might be incorrect if the person who scanned the tag does not have the "share my location" feature on! In this case, you will get coordinates based on their IP address which often is quite inaccurate

Dynotags offers many different designs to suit your needs better:

1) Deluxe Steel Pet Tag with Protective Coating and Ring: This is their most popular, top selling product. It's made of tough steel with a protective coating that also reduces the noise most metal tags make. They come with a stainless split ring to hang on the existing collar.

photos of the steel dynotags

2) Deluxe Steel Brightly Colored Fun Pet Tags with Protective Coating and Ring: These are the ones I got. Essentially the same product, with a much cuter design. They come in four playful colors, red, purple blue and green:

deluxe dynotags come in 4 colors

3) NFC Enabled Pet Tag: Similar in appearance to the steel tags. They have the exact same features with the addition of an NFC chip. They are manufactured on a PVC core and they are not as tough as the other two, making them more suitable for smaller and less active animals.

photo of the nfc enabled dynotag

4) Synthetic Tags: These are perfect for cats and small dogs. Made of thin yet tough and lightweight material. Not as resilient as the other designs, so avoid them if your pet is very energetic and active.

photo of a cat and a dog wearing the synthetic dynotag

5) Stainless Steel Slider Pet Tags: Slidertags using the same QR principle, made of stainless steel with a protective coating. You just slide them on the existing collar of your dog. A very good option for larger or very active pets. You have two options here: 
  • Closed Slot slidertags: For ultimate security on your existing pet collar. They can't be chewed or scratched off and become an integral part of the collar. They require an existing collar without attachments or rivets that would prevent them from sliding.
  • Open Slot slider tag: Perfect for maximum convenience in attaching to existing collars.
photos of the slider QR dynotags

Some Closing Thoughts
The Dynotag© Smart Tag is a nice little gadget that does exactly what it promises. I think it's a nice gift for people worried of losing their pets or for geeky pet owners. Finally, I want to mention that this is not a sponsored post or a paid ad or something! I genuinely own and enjoy using this product. However, I am using the amazon affiliate program so I make a very small commission (about 6%) if you decide to buy the product using the links on this site. This comes at no cost at you and it helps support the site :) Just open amazon directly and search for the product manually if you don't want to give us credit.

Have you tried Dynotags yourself? Feel free to share your review or experience in the comments down below!

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  1. Got their luggage tags and stickers - love those!
    Don't have a pet at home (small condo) but I'll think these will make a great present - thanks for the review...