Saturday, 1 June 2013

Scary Creatures That Shouldn't Exist But Do

Sometimes nature can be weird. Weird and scary. Today we're going to talk about some terrifying creatures that shouldn't exist, but do. Here they are.

Blanket Octopus
I'm not sure if you've ever come across an octopus in real life. But to suffice it say that they're already terrifying enough. All those long tentacles sticking out the back of them and the fact that they're nothing like anything you'd find on land. Oh, and not to mention the fact that during certain football tournaments they seem to have psychic powers.

The blanket octopus takes this to the next level. This critter, found in the tropical ocean comes with its very own cape. Males can grow to three metres in length. That's enough to blot out the sun.

Whip Spider
As before, we're starting with a creature that is already pretty terrifying: the spider. And like before, we're searching all it's brethren to find the type of spider that is the scariest.

The whip spider is essentially a scorpion without a tail. That should be reason enough to be concerned about it. But when you throw in the fact that they can grow to two feet wide, it's clear that this arachnid is no ordinary spider.

Whip Spider, Source:

Polar Bear
Polar bears are notoriously aggressive animals, but, by all rights they shouldn't exist. How can they can sustain their enormous bodies in the sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic? According to it has to do with all their various adaptations. They've got oily fur to keep them dry, and a thick layer of blubber to insulate their bodies. Despite the cold and the lack of food, polar bears are the largest land predator on Earth. 

Polar Bear, Source:

Megamouth Shark
You might know a couple of people who could easily be called "megamouths." But after you've seen a megamouth shark, they'll pale in comparison. Researchers only discovered the megamouth shark in 1976. The megamouth swims around in the ocean all day with its mouth permanently open. Fortunately for us, it's mainly interested in plankton and other small ocean critters. But it's terrifying nonetheless. 

MegaMouth Shark, Source:

Angler Fish
The angler looks like a genuinely ancient creature. It has bristling layers of teeth and lives only in the deep ocean. It also, rather scarily, has a glow-in-the-dark antenna dangling in front of its face. Thanks to this appendage, it's able to have the lights on while it devours its prey. 

Angel Fish, Source:

Butcher Birds
Butcher birds could very easily be the directors of your average horror movie. Rather than doing what most birds of prey do, butcher birds like to impale their meals on sharp objects. Often, they'll leave their prey dangling on a spike while they go off to enjoy themselves, only to later return to finish the meal. 

Butcher Bird,

Flying Snakes
Most people find snakes scary enough. Here is an animal that either poisons its prey or squeezes it to death. But at least we can be safe in the knowledge that snakes can't fly, can't we?

Unfortunately, no. Flying snakes climb trees and then fling themselves into the air if they want to make a quick landing. Just watch out that they don't land on your head.

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