Wednesday, 4 June 2014

5 Ugly Endagered Animals That Need Love Too (Video)

Certainly, when people hear about an animal that is in the brink of extinction, their first and logical reaction is that this is a tragedy that shouldn' t happen. However, not every animal is created equal in the looks department! Unfortunately, there are some endangered species which (unlike other "cute" animals like pandas) are just too..ugly for some people to care.

Here are 5 of the ugliest endangered animals species as voted by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, a comedy group raising awareness to protect ugly animals:

  • Blobfish 
  • Kakapo 
  • Axolotl 
  • Titicaca water frog 
  • Proboscis monkey 

Atlhough I think 2 and 3 are super cute, the message of the video is clear. All endangered species need love... even the ugly ones :)

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