Thursday, 1 January 2015

Dog Ownership: What You Should Know And Why It's So Great

Owning a pet dog can be an amazing experience for both an individual or a family. They can provide you with so many wonderful memories. Owning a dog shouldn’t be a decision that you come too quickly. It is a lifelong commitment. So making sure your home is acceptable, and you have the time it takes to take care of a dog properly is essential. I thought I would share with you some of the things you need to consider on dog ownership, with a few reasons on why having a dog is so great.

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A dog needs a lot of exercise
It’s a fairly obvious point to make. But your dog does need to have regular exercise. This can be done through daily walks or letting them run off some steam in an open space. A dog needs fresh air just as much as an adult needs it. It’s good for you. This could be something you do in the morning and at night, or get your whole family involved. It’s a great bonding activity for you and your pet.

You need to take care of your pet's health
Taking care of your pet’s health is vital to their well-being. Unfortunately, dogs are prone to things like worms and fleas. You need to research into what your dog will need and take advantage of brands like advantix for dogs. They will have all the information you need to keep your dog's health in check.

The loyalty from your dog is like no other feeling
It’s well advertised that a dog is a man's best friend. The saying is very true. The loyalty a dog show’s it’s master is like nothing else. You show them love and take care of them, and they show it back. It’s a great relationship to have. Dog do make wonderful pets. 

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Keep your dog in check with regular vet visits
Just as much as you have the responsibility of taking care of general health, it is also essential your dog visits the vet each year. This is to keep up with vaccinations and keep an eye on their weight gain.

Ensure your dog has the correct diet
Making sure your dog has the right food and diet is all part of good pet care. You don’t want to overfeed them causing them to increase their weight. Weight gain alone can be fatal to an animal's well-being. Most recommended food brands will have information about how much you should feed your dog. This is normally down to the size and breed.

Ensure your dog has all the essentials
It's important to take care of your dog and buy everything it needs. This includes toys to keep him busy when you are away, an id tag with all the required information if he ever happens to get lost, proper food for his age, grooming material etc. If you are afraid of losing your dog or if you have a really expensive breed where pet thefts you might want to consider buying a gps tracker. Oh, yes and a comfy bed, or you can make one yourself using some old cloth, crates and other cheap to get materials.

Show your pet love and affection
Finally, don’t forget to show your pet love and affection. They will appreciate all those ear scratches and belly rubs. A dog thrives on the attention their owner gives them. Ignoring them can lead to bad behaviour. So make sure you keep your dog in check by making them feel just as much a part of your life.

I hope this helps you see how great owning a dog can be. It is just as simple as taking care of them, but the rewarding friendship you gain is priceless.

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