Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Pet Tech Fans Are In Love With Petzi Treat Cam

It wasn't too long ago that humans were the only ones getting to enjoy new tech gadgets. But not anymore. With advancement in wearable technology and pet tech gadgets, it's now time to be able to connect with your pet remotely when you're not away from home.

This is a great way for pet owners to stay connected when they are slogging away in the office for long hours or even away on vacation and a loved one is petminding. The way that pet owners are doing this is with what's known as a pet camera. All the latest ones are coming onto the market with some great features and one of those is the Petzi Treat Cam.

The Pezi Treat Cam is not just a remote camera but it's also an automatic treat dispenser. This treat dispenser and pet camera rolled into one has many great features.

These include:
  • Being able to give your pet their daily snack via your smartphone.
  • Live video streaming means that you can actually see what your pet is doing when you connect to the camera in your home via your smartphone.
  • It has a great SPEAK feature which means that you can actually give verbal commands to your pet; for example, when you are about to give them a treat, or when they are about to demolish your favourite pillow.
  • There's also the Petzi Social Petwork which allows you to share fun photos of your pet with other Petzi owners.
  • There are no extra costs after your Petzi Treat Cam is delivered to your door, as it simply connects via your home wi-fi.

A great plus is the easy setup.

The Petzi Treat Cam is a fantastic way to connect with your pet when you are away from home for any reason. This is particularly beneficial if you have a pet that suffers from separation anxiety, as many do.

Being able to nurture your pet in some way, and show them that you're still thinking of them when you're not there, gives great peace of mind to pet owners too.

To watch my Petzi Treat Cam video demonstration, view images, and find out all the pros and cons about the Petzi Treat Cam and where you can get it for a great price read my Petzi Treat Cam review.

This would make a fantastic present for your pet this Christmas, don't you think?

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