Sunday, 5 October 2014

A Trip to the New Poznan Zoo, Poland

About a week ago I visited the new Poznan Zoo, in the city of Poznan, Poland. Overall, I can say the whole experience was great and well worth the time. Just getting to the zoo was exciting.

The new Poznan zoo is located near a beautiful artificial lake called Malta that was created back in  1952. To get to the zoo you first have to take a small train.

The ticket for the mini-train is 6 zloty or about 1.8 USD. There are alternatives means of transportation to the zoo, including the public bus. You can also walk, it will take you about 1 hour from the station. Just follow the railway (almost 4 km long).

The train that takes you to the zoo

In the videos below you can see the view from inside the train. The whole ride takes about 10 minutes, with an additional 5 min. stop in the middle of the lake.

The train then leaves you about 200 m away from the zoo. So, first a few words about it. The place is huge. Really, really, really huge! It's about 116 hectares big and requires about 2 hours just to walk it. Expect spending at least 6-7 hours if you want to have a good look at all the exhibited animals. The zoo is full of green, gardens and trees and is a perfect place for a big walk or a picnic with your friends. Furthermore, an artificial river halves the zoo in two parts creating a perfect scenery.

The park houses over 2,000 animals, representing more than 150 species and features most of the popular animals you would expect from a zoo, like elephants, giraffes, tigers, kangaroos etc. What makes it really stand out is the massive bird collection, including all kinds of eages, condors, owls etc. It also has a small insectarium with some cool insects.

All in all, it is a massive place, close to the center of Poznan, where you can experience the beauty of nature with all your five senses. The price is really cheap, just 10 zloty (3 usd) per person. If you ever happen to be in Poznan make sure to visit it. Just make sure to bring a pair of comfortables shoes with you as you will be doing a lot of walking!

Interestingly, Poznan actually has two operational zoos. The new and the old one. Most of the animals have been transferred in the New Zoo, however the old one still keeps a few in exhibition, including komodo dragons! I am going to visit it in a few days, so expect a post about it in the coming days!

Now, let's see some of the animals exhibited:

1. Flamingos

2. Seals

One of the first things to see after entering, a big pond where many seals hide. Just be patient and wait for one to come out to breathe.

3. Strange Chicken Breeds

Again one of the first things, is a small collection of chicken breeds. This was a really nice surprise as I had the chance to see for the first time some of the strangest chicken breeds, including the Polish and Silkie breeds.

4. Adult and baby deers

5. Black Hornbill

6. Thomson's gazelle

7. Jaguarundi

8. South American tapir

9. Pachnoda Beetles

10. Snowy Owl

11. Great Grey Owls

12. Caracals

13. Red legged seriema

14. European Lynx

15. Meerkats

16. Siberian Weasel

17. Razor Billed Curassow

18. Purple Swamphen

19. Crested GuineaFowl

20. Siamese Fireback

21. Helmeted Curassow

22. Bat Eared Fox

23. Capybara

24. Giraffes

25. Elephants

26. Tiger

27. Gooses

28. Petting a baby goat

29. Petting a baby donkey

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  1. It is one of the best zoos I have visited. Part of the reason I went to PoznaƄ. I spent 4 1/2 hours walking the loop and looking at the animals, especially those not normally seen here in America. How often do you see an ant nest as an outdoors exhibit? Like the Miami Zoo, the Nowe Zoo has a lot of large exhibits for its animals, not small crowded cages. You can get a decent meal and watch the elephants while you eat. Obviously most of the information is in Polish, but the animals names also in English and German. If I ever return to that part of Poland, I will visit it again. The Stare Zoo is also worth an hour or two of your time.