Thursday, 11 September 2014

Russians save cat stuck in car springs (Video)

The cat that was trapped in the car spring, after rescue
Every cat-owner knows that our furry friends tend to get trapped in all kinds of obscure places, but very few have probably survived a ride like the one you are about to read.

About four months ago, Vitaliy Bouranin left with his Toyota Land Cruiser for a business trip somewhere in Russia. After about 50 miles, running at speeds of over 120 km/hour, he made a stop to get a refill. 

Until then, he had noticed nothing strange with his car. But this is when things started to get weird. As he was filling the car up, he heard a noise coming somewhere from the car. He checked under the car, nothing. He checked under the hood, again nothing.  

Then, he saw that a furry creature was inside one of the jeep's suspension springs. On closer inspection he saw that it was a cat that not only had managed to crawl up inside the spring but apparently had survived the whole trip unharmed!

Cat trapped unharmed in car spring

Bouranin first asked an attendant for help, but they couldn't get the cat out. The gas station staff then called the police and fire service, who decided that the only viable option was to dismantle the suspension and remove the spring.

The whole ordeal lasted more than three hours. Surprisingly, the cat remained perfectly calm and relaxed during the whole time, despite having lost at least one out of its nine lives! After being released, the cat was put into a box and taken back to the large Russian island in the North Pacific Ocean in southeast Russia, where the journey had begun.

You can see the last minutes of the rescue operation on the video down-below, which was shot by a passerby. Make sure to watch the last thirty seconds (7:30 and after) for a really heartwarming moment:

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