Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Bear Saves Drowning Crow (Video)

Bear in budapest zoo saves crow from drowning
Bear saves a drowning crow (red circle)
The amazing video you are about to see was shot at Budapest Zoo, Hungary, on June 19* and shows what is surely one of the most surprising animal rescues ever.

During the video, a bear nicknamed Vali, rescues a black hooded crow from drowning. The bear first climbs a rock and then grabs the crow out of the water.

After the rescue, the crow appears to be stunned by the unexpected action of Vali. Enjoy:

Jump to 00:40 for the rescue

But did the bear really intended to save the crow? Many say that Vali just wanted to eat it. But it had a change of heart, either because it got bit (at 00:40) or simply because the crow tasted bad. The zoo's staff discussed the incident in one of their blog posts and said that Vali was probably curious and simply wanted to have a better look over the drowning creature. To me, this sounds as the most logical explanation.

However, from my past experience with animals, I can't exclude the possibility that the bear really wanted to help the drowning crow.

I will never forget the day when I was taking one of my dogs out of for a walk. As we were walking, he sniffed out a very young sparrow and put it in his mouth! I tried hard to open his mouth but to no effect. A few minutes later I gave up, thinking that it was too late for the poor bird. Half an hour later, we are back home and my dog opens his mouth and very carefully and gently places the still alive bird on my feet, having a "please take care of the poor creature" look in his eyes! The young sparrow had probably fallen from his nest due to the heavy raining the night before. I kept it in a cage for one day, cleaned and fed it and returned it back to place we found it. The bird immediately flew to a tree nearby. Hopefully, its nest was there :).

*The video was shot by Aleksander MedveŇ° and as of 19 August 2014 has gathered more than 16 million views.

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