Thursday, 10 July 2014

12 Crazy and Unusual Animal Fights

The internet is full of bloody lists, showing wild animals fighting each other to the death. However, this list is a bit different, featuring some of the most crazy, strange and unusual animal fights.  Some are highly unlikely to occur, some are funny and some have a really unexpected ending. Be warned, some of these fights are not for the faint-hearted!

Feel free to add other strange battles to the comments, I would be happy to include them.

Now, prepare yourself for this list of unusual animal fights:

1. Jack Russel vs Cape Cobra

2. Rhino sends warthog sky high

3. Python vs Alligator

4.Zebra almost drowns a lionness

5. Mongoose VS Cobra

6. Rhino vs Hippo

7. Buffalo sends lion flying

8. Duck vs Hippo

9. Cat Vs Cobra

10. Jaguar attacks and kills a crocodile

11. Gazelle kills a cheetah

12. Turtle attacks cats

Please leave a comment if any of the videos above is broken so that I remove/replace it !

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