Sunday, 23 February 2014

Strange Animals is back

After a year of being down, the Strange Animals blog is finally back !

What happened?
Long story short, I simply forgot to renew the domain. For some reason, all the expiration notices ended up in the spam folder and I lost  ownership of the domain name. A year passed, the domain expired again and I managed to reacquire it about a month ago.

What are the plans for the blog?
The good thing is that I had a back up of all the posts, so all old posts are back as well. Over the coming 3-4 months I plan to do two things.

First, edit all old posts, adding more info, images, videos, fixing typos etc. I have already updated 15 old posts.

Second, I plan to write a post for a new strange animal once every week. I have already prepared a new post, that will be up in a few minutes.

Anything else?
Yes! Whether you are an old fan or a new reader, please consider helping the site by liking and sharing it on google+, facebook or any other social network you may be using. You can also subscribe to a new youtube channel  that I created, where I will be posting strange animals videos from time to time. Don't hesitate to add a link from your site to, if you have one that is.

Don't forget! Sharing is caring!

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