Sunday, 30 January 2011

9 Strange Inter-Species Adoptions (Videos)

Everyone has heard of cats adopting puppies or of dogs adopting kittens.  Today's post is in the same vein, although I believe the adoptions I have selected are way more strange and bizarre.

Surely, most of the videos will leave you wondering, “Why can’t humans just get along?”

First we have a tiger in Bangkok adopting a bunch of piglets..Hopefully, she doesn't wait for them to grow big enough for a bacon feast.

Next we have the case of a kitten being adopted by a monkey.

A cat from Mississippi adopts a squirrel that even learns to purr like a kitten. Time for the next lesson, how to meow.

After the previous video, a cat adopting a rabbit doesn't seem strange at all.

Now let's see two videos where the mom is a dog. Let's start with a dog adopting a monkey..

..and a dog adopting a lion cub!

A lioness adopts a baby antelope. A predator adopting its prey is at least..surprising. Sadly, the antelope was later eaten by a male lion.

A chicken adopts not one, but four kittens!

Finally, we have a cute little red panda that was rejected by its natural mother only to be later adopted by a caring cat that had recently given birth to four kittens.

Feel free to comment if you have any other strange inter-species adoptions to share!

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