Saturday, 1 January 2011

Deer Resembling the Mythical Unicorn

With this post, I am starting a new category on the blog, "Strange Animal Deformities". This category will contain strange and unusual deformities occurring in the animal world.

The video below is about a deer born with only one horn. One horned deers are very rare, but what is really interesting and even more rare about this deer, is the center-positioning of the antler, making it look like a Unicorn!

The deer is currently being held at the Center for Natural Sciences, Pratoy, Italy. The guys over there nicknamed him "Unicorno", for obvious reasons. The deer has a twin, totally normal brother.

Enjoy the video

Video of Unicorno

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  1. hey, fairytales come from somewhere....

  2. but where do fairtales come from...... the sky yep thats it the sky