Thursday, 9 September 2010

Okapi (Okapia johnstoni) Video Collection

In this post I have assembled a collection of all the high quality videos I could find featuring the zebra-horse-giraffe like Okapi, an animal that remained unknown to scientists until the 20th century.

Please leave a comment if any of the videos below is broken or if you have any other videos to suggest for inclusion:

Okapi in London zoo misunderstands tree for lollipop! 

Another specimen from london zoo

Okapi in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve, Ituri forest, DR Congo. Video filmed in March 2007 by WildlifeDirect in Epulu, in Ituri province.

A new born Okapi, "Almasi", takes its first steps at the Dallas Zoo

Okapis at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Okapi baby born in London zoo starts exploring the world

Okapi baby breastfeeds from its mother at Houston Zoo

Reported is licked live on TV by an okapi (00:20)

A two-week-old  male okapi calf, Jack,  is walking and getting comfortable exploring his barn along with his mother,Ayana, at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

An early 1990s documenary about Drs. John and Terese Hart and their research on the okapi in the Ituri Rain forest of Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo. The documentary is about their life and work and also provides insight into the forest's fauna and the Mbuti ethnic group (BaMbuti Pygmies) who inhabit it.

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