Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Some Nasty Habits of Your Cat and Remedies for Them

They say looks can be deceptive and at times this is so very true when the cute looking kitty does all the nasty things in the world to make your life miserable. It is very important to learn about these nasty habits that a cat can get habituated with and what all needs to be done to prevent the pet from doing so.

Understand the reason behind being nastyDo your curtains look like they just had a tour from inside the paper shredder? The shredded leftovers of the curtain would tell you that your pet cat has manifested its natural instincts of scratching, and as it did not get anything handy, the poor animal tried its artistry on the velvet curtains of your living room. To avoid this from happening, you could invest a little on buying a scratching post for the cat. In addition to that, you will have to train the cat so that it finds other stuff unattractive as a clawing item.

It is commonly believed that a cat would become destructive in nature when it is bored. To avoid this, you need to ensure that your pet is always occupied with something or the other. The best way to do this is to give the cat a good number of cat toys so that it remains busy playing with them, and clawing them to its fullest desires. Pet toys which are chewable, and would not easily get torn away are readily available on the market. You also need to ensure that you spend enough time playing with your pet as otherwise it would feel that it can do anything as per its desire and would tend to go nasty.

Littering anywhere is a poor habitAnother very nasty and miserable habit of cats is that they litter anywhere. Although they would tend to cover up the litter with sand or whatever suitable would be around, yet it is not always possible to look for and scoop off the litter from all corners of the house. Also, cats would have a tendency to go outside the house to excrete, and that could expose them to possible threats of the outside world. It is hence advised that a litter box is kept inside the house, and the cat is trained to eliminate faecal matter inside the litter tray or box. With the advent of an automatic cat litter box, the whole saga of cleaning up the litter has also gone away, and the cat owner does not have to take any additional hassle to keep the house clean and the pet safe.

It is not always a good habit of the pet owner to punish or reprimand the cat for its nasty deeds. At times talking gently and training the cat in a playful mood also helps in setting up the right habit for the pet. For example, if a cat is not willingly using the automatic cat litter box to excrete, the owner needs to be patient and train the cat for some good time to make it habituated with use the litter box and not litter around anywhere and everywhere.

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