Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Immunovet for dogs, cats and other animals

Immunovet is a 100% natural daily supplement for animals that aids in boosting their immune system in order to fight off a raft of common health concerns.

What is Immunovet?
More than immune boosting Immunovet is more than an immune boosting daily supplement for animals. It is also a product of the modern biotechnology. Part of the raw materials that is used to produce Immunovet is wheat germ. Wheat germ contains most of the bioactive molecules in the whole wheat.

During the fermentation process, a highly vaulable material is being produced, which is extracted to form the main ingredient of Immunovet.

Immune system disorder, autoimmune diseases, autoimmune disorders affect a very large number of animals (and people), many of whom, find very little relief from the range of products currently available. Immunovet offers a new option for many of these animals by:
  • Activating immune mechanisms.
  • Normalizing of the immune regulating system.
  • Acts as an antioxidant / free radical scavenger.
  • May help reduce joint inflammation associated with arthritis.
  • Improvement of physical condition, performance and quality of life.
  • Relief of the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

What has immunovet been used to aid in?
  • Immune & Autoimmune Diseases,
  • Benign & Malignant Tumors,
  • Performance & Quality of Life,
  • Skin Diseases & Itching,
  • Assists With Wound Healing,
  • Boosting Immune System,
  • Arthritis Pain,
  • Recovery From Surgery and
  • Stress. 

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Here is one of the many testimonials.

"I'd like to share with you the before and after pictures of Phoenix. He joined Wisconsin Akita and Friends rescue on Easter 2015. He came to us with a sore on his muzzle that seemed to worsen rather than improve during traditional treatments and came back positive for MRSA after being on antibiotics for MONTHS. It turned out his problems were all caused from a bad tooth, he had one removed and the culprit tooth wasn't initially noticed to be bad by the vet. We reached out to you and started him on the Shield and he had surgery to remove the other bad tooth. After a long road you will see that Phoenix's face is beautiful and he is all healed. He remains on a maintenance dose and has had no recurrence of infection! THANK YOU again for helping the rescue to get the treatment for him you helped make this beautiful face possible!"

Phoenix - Before and After

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